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Suffragettes often worse jewellery as a symbol to those I the know that they were supportive of the fight to gain votes for women.

This was often signalled using the colours Green, White and Violet, as an acrostic for Give Women Votes. The jewellery was in many forms, sometimes homemade, using ribbons of these colours, sometimes enamel pieces, and as in this case, gemstones.

The base ring is gorgeous 18ct gold with lovely crisp hallmarks for 1876. Likely a Suffragette repurposed the piece by asking a jeweller to set it with a moonstone, some emeralds and some amethysts. After all, we aren't the first generation to repurpose jewellery!

Hallmarks for 18ct gold, London 1876. Date letter A. There is a second date stamp on the outside of the shoulder as shown.

Weight approx 4.19g

Width approx 6.2mm tapering to 2mm

Finger size T - could be sized

Very good antique condition - some patina.

Suffragette ring with moonstone, emeralds and amethysts

SKU: V636
£895.00 Regular Price
£795.00Sale Price
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